Friday, February 23, 2007

4:30 am

I jolt awake

acutely aware
of joy
without muddiness

wandering blindly
is its own kind of freedom

and while outside is still
and covered in a blanket of darkness
I am so surprised to see this light.

Saturday, February 10, 2007


Meghan: English/Scottish/Welsh; Pet form of Marged, which is a Welsh form of Margaret, meaning “pearl”

our sweet little pearl
how we love to gather round you
how you have transformed us all

childless women
finding such joy
and hope
in your soft little hands
in your beautiful smile
in your deep ocean blue eyes.

how we dream
of your first steps
first words
and of training wheels and
birthday parties
and of watching you discover
all the unique and
wonderful secrets
of what will be
a most magical life.

we will present them
to you
shiny jewels
gift-wrapped with rainbows
and sprinkled in starlight.

and your dreams will be our dreams
and we will lift you up if you fall
and we will hold you tight if you are sad
and we will sing you lullabies if you cannot sleep
and you will never be alone

and so we whisper to you
this promise

to never
not once
not ever let you down.

and oh how we will love you little pearl
we will love you
we will love you
for the rest
of your beautiful life.