Saturday, March 24, 2007


Something in the way
she breezed through the door,
arms filled with groceries
and her favorite sauté pan
I’ve come to make you breakfast
and then went right to work,
standing over the stove,
hands on hips,
sweet-talking the eggs,
coaxing them to perfection.

Something in the way
she laughed,
eyes wide and watering
head tilted back
hands flying
as she sauntered
back and forth
between the stove and me,
and talked of her work,
her dreams,
her five-year plan
to rule the world.

Something in the way,
hours later,
she turned and looked at me
as she was leaving,
hair a little messy,
shirt untucked,
out of breath,
out of time,
and with a smile
that promised at least
one more day,
one more moment,
one more chance
to feel this awake,
this aware.

This completely alive.

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Anonymous said...

hmmm. Lori here. Apparently we need to talk soon!!