Tuesday, July 10, 2007


The Slant has learned from a very reliable source (the potential vice president of the homosexual rights movement, no less) that, beginning in October, the North Star Cafe in Portland will be hosting monthly dance parties--with themes! If you haven't been to the North Star Cafe, what's your problem?? Get your butt over there today, dammit. Click here for more info on this lesbian-owned treasure of a cafe.

First theme up? DYKETOBERFEST. Is that cool or what? Dykes and beer and dancing. As if that perfect ménage à trois isn't enough to lure you away from a Saturday night of watching HGTV, a portion of the proceeds from the door that night will go to THE most fabulous Portland Dyke March Committee (website HERE).

The Slant suggests that North Star Cafe and The Portland Dyke March Committee consider inviting Mike Hein to this blessed event. He's been great for publicity so far, and they are bound to get some stunning free video to post on their websites.

Stay tuned for more details....

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