Tuesday, July 24, 2007


i'm an elephant person. i am fascinated by them. they are emotionally beautiful, highly intelligent and sophisticated, with an extraordinary sense of self and of family. it has been said that elephants are very human-like, but i think that's exactly backwards. it should be said that during our finest moments as human beings we are behaving very much like elephants. maybe that sounds cynical. oh well. i just happen to think it's accurate. human beings could learn a whole hell of a lot from animals.

this morning, someone from a list-serve i belong to posted a story about a community of female elephants living on a sanctuary in tennessee. i read it and had a good cry with my morning coffee (oh well...it was very...therapeutic). it's a damn beautiful story.

wouldn't it be lovely if we could all be this attentive to one another, this kind and compassionate...this completely aware.

The Divas and Darling Jenny
By Kate Elliott

Merryn had suggested that I write about the progress of the rescued ex-Hawthorn elephants now fondly known as the ex-circus divas. I started to write and then stopped because all our energy was going towards Jenny, the third arrival at The Elephant Sanctuary who died October 17, after a long illness.

Carol Buckley encouraged all of us to concentrate on good energy to keep the light bright and support Jenny in her process. As we celebrate the beginnings of life, so we should celebrate and honor the end. After we all finally accepted that Jenny was going to orchestrate her passing, it became clear this was not going to be an ordinary week. Carol writes so eloquently in her tribute to Jenny:

Jenny chose a beautiful forested wash area to lie down and rest until her time came to leave this world. Shirley, the closest thing to a mother that Jenny had known, stood protectively at Jenny's side, day and night, helping her to rise when Jenny shifted her weight to lie on her other side.

trust me, you'll want to finish this story...which can be found by clicking here.

reminds me a little bit of the posse.

or maybe a lot.

yes indeed.

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