Tuesday, July 17, 2007

it happens

it happens when you aren’t looking for it. when you have long since packed it away, in some box hidden inside of you, your hope that there is magic in the world.

you wake up, thinking this will just be another day, like every day.

and then, quite suddenly, and without warning, it happens.

the angels hand you a gift, something lost now returned, wrapped ever-so-gently, in all the colors of your dreams.

it happens, and a strange and new feeling that must be...


...rushes through you.

fills you up and then pours out of you, like water breaking through a dam.

and then, though you know are sitting still...

...you feel like you are flying.

and all you want is to somehow bottle it up.

give it back to everyone you know.
everyone you love.

so that they can fly with you.

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