Sunday, July 29, 2007

ohhhhh joan

i have been head over heels in love with joan armatrading since i was 15 years old. the first time i ever heard her, my heart just absolutely burst wide open, and i've been utterly and completely smitten ever since. her music has been a part of my life...every album signifying a particular time in it, every song a particular moment. when i listen to joan, it's like electricity surging through me, from my toes to the tip of my head. voice of an angel. gorgeous. timeless. medicine that just fills up my soul.

i have no idea what year this live version of "willow" was recorded. being the obsessive fan that i am, i recognize that denim jacket she's wearing...i think it's from 'the shouting stage' era...which was 1988.

delicious. it's the only word i can think of.

oh joan...what you do to me.


Michael said...

How can I listen to Joan and not think about Alex and Twyla? Sitting around Twy's livingroom and listening to the Joan ALBUMS (back in the day my friend!) It's funny that you are still madly in love with Joan. And watching that old video brings back awesome memories.

LORI said...

Dar, this was great! I watched all of the Joan videos. Love and Affection was so fun to watch (in spite of all that bad '70's funk-a-delic camera work.) Thanks for sharing it!