Saturday, July 28, 2007

rapid mood swing

it's amazing what a shift in the weather will do to my state of mind. i woke this morning to heavy dense air, knowing immediately that the night brought little relief from the heat of the past two days. and was instantly grumpy. moped around all morning long. cursed the stickiness of everything i touched. kept having to catch my breath because the air there wasn't enough to go around. the cats were lethargic and inconsolable and even a little snarky, and kept giving me that disgusted look that said "do SOMETHING about this shitty heat. we are miserable and it's your job to fix that. service us already!" and i could only muster a pathetic snarl back at them. i decided that reading was the most exercise i was willing to expend, and even then had a slightly put-out attitude every time i had to turn a page.

ehhhh. hot, humid weather is more than a nuisance to's more than an irritation. it's a goddamn abomination. i do not fare well in that kind of heat, at all. and i complain. a lot. i become...unbearable. i cannot begin to comprehend how people can live in places like arizona. i have friends in tuscon who always say "oh but it's DRY heat, you wouldn't mind it at all." um...yeah. it's dry heat in my oven too, but i think i won't be living inside it any time soon.

fast forward hours later to the present down time is here at last. the air is waking up, stretching its legs and happy to find some space to maneuver around in. outside the leaves are doing that wonderful little dance on the trees...they know rain is coming and they're thirsty, turning themselves upside down in anticipation of a long cold drink of water. the sky has darkened enough that suddenly i need to turn a few lights on. thunder is in the distance, rumbling a promise to visit soon and to bring along some lightning for a little bit of a show. the temperature has dropped 10 degrees in 20 minutes.

and it's like i'm comin' alive. coming out of a weird reversed kind of hibernation. i've got paula cole's greatest hits blasting on my little stereo (kimm you'll be pleased to know that i am GROOVING like an amazon woman to 'feelin' love'.) i'm floating through the rooms lighting candles, singing, and reveling in my newly found burst of energy. yes indeed, this fresh outpouring of cool clear oxygen is performing magic on my soul. and i can breathe again. even the cats are happier. we couldn't stand each other an hour ago, but as i sit here typing, willie is resting both front paws on my arm, bouncing a little bit each time i punch a key on the laptop but not wanting to move from me. and oscar is sprawled out on his back at my feet, all four legs straight up in the air with this look of utter relief and contentment (kinda like burleigh's "nirvana" look.) we are just a happy little family right now. all because of the weather. go figure.

the girls will be by later and i look forward to venturing out with them...a little road trip to freeport for bbq ribs and margaritas.

until then, i'm going to sit on the porch and watch the storm. looks like it's going to be a beauty.

it's turning into a good day.

and i'm wise enough to be grateful.

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