Friday, July 20, 2007

tomboy fatale

next thursday.
alive at five concert series.
5:00, monument square.
darien brahms.

yessirree. darien brahms, who i've had a very serious groupie crush on for about, hmmm, 15 years now. it's just ridiculous. if i bumped into her at hannafords i probably wouldn't even know it was her. but when she's performing on stage...and gets that guitar in her hands...and gets all i'm-a-punky-bad-ass-tomboy-lesbian-rocker-with-attitude...and starts singing in that very sassy growling kinda voice...wellllll...


anyway. she's playing with one of my favorite people in the ENTIRE world...ginger cote, drummer extraordinaire. should be a fabulous show.

Posse...i think this one is an all-go.


j & k said...

Absolutely, we're on!

Jen said...

Um.... can I have some tomboy fatale in *my* bathtub? Please?

See you in the beer tent!