Sunday, August 19, 2007

one for oscar

marge piercy

At the Animal Disposal League
you reached through the bars
avid to live. Discarded offspring
of Tiger splendor and beige
alley cat, your hunger saved
you, fuzzy and fist-sized.

Now you are sunny, opaque
utterly beyond words, alien
as the dreams of a pine tree.
Sometimes when I look at you
you purr as if stroked.
Outside you turn your head
pretending not to see me
off on business, a rabbit
in the marshgrass, rendezvous
in the briars. In the house
you're a sponge for love,
a recirculating fountain.

Angry, you sulk away under
a bed till dragged out whining,
you permit yourself to be
captured and saved. You blink
then your goldenrod eyes
purr and collapse on your back
with paws up and your snowy
white belly exposed all curls
to the plume of your tail.
Ravish me, you say, with kisses
and tunafish because I know
how to accept pleasure. I am
your happy longhaired
id, taking the moment as I
do your finger in my mouth
without breaking its skin,
or eviscerating it instantly
like a mouse.

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