Wednesday, September 05, 2007

shameless self promotion

from my pal, virginia throckmorton, host extraordinaire of lesbian radio:

very early sunday morning and not a car on congress is moving.
you lace up and stare down munjoy hill touching one last time
the pink quartz heart in your front pocket.

you shove off the side of a just-waxed 1969 red mustang parked precisely in the lines and begin the downhill roll. the name of a goddess comes to mind as you pick up speed, spreading lesbian molecules in your wake. the hill becomes shriekingly lesbianated and you smile. real big. near the end of your ride you make a promise to find your radio
just as soon as you get home. it's time.

lesbian radio
molecularly lesbianating every thursday afternoon

this week

Carolyn Gage - Lesbian History Grove
Darlene Huntress - Amazonian Politico
Jen Hodsdon - Lesbian Radio Co-host
Jill Barkley - kick-ass amazing activist
MaryEllen Hitt - absolute photographer

this is the show that will make you a lesbian just by listening.
don't miss it.

Lesbian Radio - because we can

Thursday afternoons from 1:30 until 3:00
wmpg 90.9 and 104.1FM
streaming online at wmpg,org
wmpg is community radio for portland maine.
my space too

Lesbian Radio because we can

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