Tuesday, November 13, 2007


my 99th post of the year.
woo hoo!

it occurs to me that i promised at least some photos and a bit of video regarding my adventure on The Precipice with Kimm and Jen.

we're scaling this bad ass cliff...

the first of several signs along the hike, most of which say "people have died on this trail". um, yeah.

and some climbing shots. what the camera fails to capture is that most of this hike is completely exposed and you are quite literally climbing straight up. it's a seriously vertical climb. one wrong move and you're gonna visit that big dyke eternal party in the sky.

here's a little video compliments of the matriarch:


and kimm (please note that her hair is perfect even during a steep climb):

a few more climbing shots:

a shot from the top:

koko, mchottie, and the matriarch:

koko and mchottie beginning the far less challenging descent:

and a last look before heading home:


Black Mamba said...

I love the photos! I definitely want a copy of the Koko/Mchottie/Matriarch pic. Happy 99!

krsiten said...

nice legs Huntress.