Thursday, November 22, 2007

one year

up early to make the trip to shapleigh for what i'm certain will be a fabulous day.

what a difference a year makes. it's impossible not to think of this day one year ago, when i was inside a completely different life...emotionally, spiritually, physically. my world was upside down. i felt disoriented and lost, and i thought i am hanging on by a thread. (oh the drama.) it's almost surreal, thinking back to what feels like now a million years ago. another lifetime, indeed. and the person i was then...well. perhaps the inner core is still there, but the truth is, i can hardly recognize her at all now. it's amazing, that transformation that comes when you allow yourself a little bit of self-love. there have been a few missteps along the way this year, i can't deny that. but my eyes are wide open now and mostly what i have found is that when you can find that delicate balance between head and heart, when you stay connected to the present moment, it is just truly a lovely ride. my oh my and i am enjoying every bit of it.

as a little thanksgiving gift to myself, i think i will spend some of my morning re-reading the slant, which i began writing in almost a year ago. it will certainly give me a million things to be grateful for on a day designated for acknowledging such things out loud. start at the beginning and read every post. there are glimpses of my journey hiding in these spaces and i want to visit them again, i want to celebrate every step that's recorded, remembered, written about and dreamed of. there are people in these spaces too, intensely beautiful people who have made the road easier, more fulfilling. the connections and the friendships and the tears and the laughter and the love and the lust and all of the adventures. all of it...such a gift...wrapped with rainbows and sprinkled in starlight...

the life all around me in this past year has been so colorful, so musical, so...delicious.

and then there is the sweet, sweet whispered promise of all that awaits me, of surprises that are just around the corner.

i can hardly wait.

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