Thursday, November 15, 2007

lucky night

last weekend i went to a lesbian shin-dig with k & j. i'll be honest...i wasn't sure i was up for it. it's strange how i am completely at ease speaking in a room of 400 or 500 people, or how i can "network" like nobody's business at a political event. yet throw me into a social situation like the one we were heading to saturday night and i get all nervous and a little shy and then get smacked with an overwhelming sense of impending doom. ha. maybe it comes from all those high school dances when i felt a bit like a wallflower...not wanting to dance with the boys but aching to wrap my arms around the girls. i dunno. we'll explore that some other time, yes indeed.

i ended up having a great time of course, as i always do when i'm with mchottie and the matriarch. my girls were just tearing up the floor like nobody's business (kimm even did some fabulous break dancing just to show off...and don't worry buddy, i won't mention that you may have blown your knee out in the process...oops, i just did mention it, didn't i?) bottom line: you just can't spend time with those two women and not have a sore belly the next day from laughing so hard the night before. they're somethin'.

the absolute and ultimate highlight of the evening was bumping into my long lost friend marion, who i'd not seen in...hmmm...more than a decade i think. i was just standing in line for a cocktail and there she was, inches away from me, stepping out of the past and into my world again. it was a brilliant, wonderful, amazing surprise.

we shared a few laughs about the "old days", not missing a beat even after a much too long absence from each other's lives. and i am still smiling today and feeling so lucky that our paths have finally crossed again. life's been so good to me lately, and reconnecting with this particular person is a gift. gotta feel good about that.

so 'larry', in honor of all the damn fun we used to have, and in hopes of more good times ahead, i'm posting a little you-tube ditty for you. every time i hear this song i think about a certain bull dyke cook at winchesters who played this cassette 800 times a day. and then we would go to rochester street and play it 800 times more. ha. why we never tired of it i'll never know.

it is so incredibly good to have you back in my life.

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