Wednesday, November 28, 2007

today is brought to you by the letter A

back in another life, everyone i knew aside from my family called me Darlena. it was a name given to me by a little boy i loved as wide as the sky, and somehow, it just stuck with me, for more than 10 years. life took some twists and turns as it always does, and Darlena, along with many of the wonderful people who used to call me that, disappeared. gone far enough away and hidden deep enough inside me that i'd almost forgotten the name existed at all. i suppose it has always been a part of me, like the people and the memories and the moments of that time in my life. haunting me just a little. hell, maybe even more than a little. but i was certain all of that had gone forever to the place that only the heart can see, and that the mind simply cannot bear to think about at all.

now a few more lovely twists and turns, and suddenly, it's back. and with it, some of the most extraordinarily beautiful people i've ever known. i had forgotten how that name sounded, how it felt to hear it. and mostly i'd forgotten about how much i loved and missed the three wonderful souls i've reconnected with. it's a gift, having them back in my life.

yesterday, i found sitting in my inbox an email from one of these friends, subject line, DarlenA. she sent me a poem, and then wrote, simply, Today, Darlena, say your name......clearly.....

life is so full of surprises.

The Key to Everything
May Swenson

Is there anything I can do
or has everything been done
or do
you prefer someone else to do
it or don't
you trust me to do
it right or is it hopeless and no one can do
a thing or do
you suppose I don't
really want to do
it and am just saying that or don't
you hear me at all or what?

waiting for
the right person the doctor or
the nurse the father or
the mother or
the person with the name you keep
mumbling in your sleep
that no one ever heard of there's no one
named that really
except yourself maybe

If I knew what your name was I'd
prove it's your
own name spelled backwards or
twisted in some way the one you
keep mumbling but you
won't tell me your
name or
don't you know it
yourself that's it
of course you've
forgotten or
never quite knew it or
weren't willing to believe it

Then there is something I
can do I
can find your name for you
that's the key to everything once you'd
repeat it clearly you'd
come awake you'd
get up and walk knowing where you're

where you
came from...

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Anonymous said...

really, really, really glad you joined us for that dance!