Monday, December 03, 2007

the first snow...

...always reminds me of Betty. I miss her, every day.

Found this amazing Lorena McKennitt video of one of her most beautiful and haunting songs...Dante's Prayer.

That's all for today...


kristin said...

Oh she has the voice of an angel. What a beautiful song and video. Be kind to yourself today.


zen said...

Koko ~

If not for the bitter wind blowing more and more snow from the sky today... i'd come to collect you ~ right now ~ and we'd venture to the coast.

Perhaps to Small Point Beach.

There, we'd cast our eyes on the ocean... and we'd cast our souls to the sea, and we'd remember...

Your Betty.

My Mom.

Grief is like the ocean's tide. Sometimes it caresses the shore ever so gently... sometimes it crashes relentlessly against large boulders at the shore's edge.

Ever present.

Ever present, indeed.

Remembering. Cherishing. Celebrating the lives of those two women who still mean the world to us. Each in their own way. Each in our own way.

Ever present, indeed.