Monday, December 31, 2007

for each of you

sitting quietly by the fire, thinking about the year that's about to pass. i am content and thankful. i've been thinking too about the amazing women in my life, and how each of them, in their own unique and beautiful ways, are such warriors. strong, fierce women. women who make me proud to know them and walk beside them. they give my life color. depth. meaning.

y'all know who you are. i've written about you, i've written for you, i've written because of you. you have lifted me up when i was low, you filled me in your arms when i felt empty, cooked me meals when i was hungry, took me dancin' when i needed to feel free, or made me laugh til my belly hurt when my heart just needed to fly. 2007 was a miracle year for me, in so many ways and you all were such a profound part of it. without you...well. i think you saved me. truly.

and i love you big and the moon and back.

found one of my favorite audre lorde poems and i'm sending it out to you. and wishing you all a peaceful and beautiful 2008.

For Each of You

Be who you are and will be
learn to cherish that boistrous Black Angel that drives you
up one day and down another
protecting the place where your power rises
running like hot blood
from the same source
as your pain.

When you are hungry
learn to eat
whatever sustains you
until morning
but do not be misled by details
simply because you live them.

Do not let your head deny
your hands
any memory of what passes through them
nor your eyes
nor your heart
everything can be useful
except what is wasteful
(you will need
to remember this when you are accused of destruction.)
Even when they are dangerous
examine the heart of those machines you hate
before you discard them
and never mourn the lack of their power
lest you be condemned
to relive them.
If you do not learn to hate
you will never be lonely
to love easily
nor will you always be brave
although it does not grow any easier

Do not pretend to convenient beliefs
even when they are righteous
you will never be able to defend your city
while shouting.

Remember our sun
is not the most noteworthy star
only the nearest.

Respect whatever pain you bring back
from your dreaming
but do not look for new gods
in the sea
nor in any part of a rainbow
Each time you love
love as deeply
as if it were
only nothing is

Speak proudly to your children
where ever you may find them
tell them
you are the offspring of slaves
and your mother was
a princess
in darkness.


Anonymous said...

I recognize that painting. Sarvabuddha Dakini, the power of all Buddhas in female form.

Very nice Dar.

Happy New Year.

MRMacrum said...

Nice post. Loved the poem.

Anonymous said...

Thank you! and you know you are loved just as much as you love us. Happy New Year Dar - this year will be a very happy one - if I have anything to do with it.