Monday, December 17, 2007

i dare ya

so last weekend i mentioned a column in the PPH by Bill Nemitz, a long time ally of our community (see i heart bill nemitz). In a nutshell, Nemitz took long time gay-obsessed fundy Mike Heath to task.

Heath responded with this little morsel on Friday in the letters-to-the-editor section:

Bill Nemitz slams me (yawn) in his Dec. 7 column ("Is Heath 'bogeyman' of tolerance?"). I've lost count of the number of times over the years he has condemned me for believing in absolutes.

When it comes to the Christian Civic League of Maine, Bill's primary moral absolute is that anal sodomy is a social, religious and civic virtue. How dare anyone support the idea that some kinds of sex are immoral.

Bill and his friend at the First Congregational Church in South Portland are real jokesters. Somehow, when I think about creating a society devoted to encouraging youngsters to just-do-it-with-the-one-you-love- as-long-as-you-wear-a-condom, I get the feeling that Bill and the good reverend won't be getting the last laugh.

methinks the man doth protest too much.

this weekend on gaynet, someone posted a little research she conducted on Heath's website, the RECORD. she did a google search on the site and the resutlts were, um, very revealing:

searching the site for the word "Jesus"--511 hits

searching the site for the word "God"--671 hits

searching the site for the word "homosexual"... drum roll please... 761 hits.

(what a shocker. )

now, to be fair, i can admit that i've mentioned the CCL on the slant more than once. while i don't think i've been obsessive about it in the same way that mr. heath seems to be obsessed, i can own up to the fact that i've spent at least a little bit of time writing about all the things that this group does to irritate me.

after some thought about this, i am proposing a holiday cease-fire.

i have a holiday challenge for mr. heath. in honor of this particular time of year, when good Christians everywhere are, I assume, supposed to be on their A-game, I dare him to refrain from posting any columns, articles or new stories on the RECORD about anything homosexual for the next 30 days. i propose instead that he focus his energy on something that's actually christian-like. maybe he could work on a relief-fund for the kazillion mainers who are running out of heating oil. maybe he could work the line at the soup kitchen on preble street once a week for the next 30 days. maybe he could visit a domestic violence prevention agency and donate a sackful of toys for the kids who will be spending christmas in a shelter. or hit the children's cancer unit at maine med and spread a little holiday cheer.

here's the kicker...i'll even stand next to him in the soup kitchen or the hospital or the shelter. set aside our differences for one moment and do something meaningful for someone who could use a little help. take all that negative energy we usually fling at each other and focus it instead on something...ANYTHING...positive that will help another fellow human being.

come on mike. show us homosexuals some "true Christian values."

you know how to find me, so the question is...

meet me at preble street?

give me an answer.

i dare ya.


kristin said...

wow, what a cool and very generous idea.

Brian K said...

What a wonderful message to send -- correcting his course as he and the League seem to be straying so far from the path of spirituality and skidding along in the gutter of control.
I hope Mikie is man enough to show concern for such mundane things as hunger, poverty, or domestic violence -- I think Ann Coulter would say 'those aren't really such big issues, they're just overblown by the fanatic liberals.'
So yeah, Darlene, I hope Mikie accepts your challenge. I might even show up to lend a hand to the two of you!