Wednesday, December 12, 2007

overheard at the gaynet watercooler

woke early this morning and read a fantastical quote from one of gaynet's most talented and humorous posters. it was in response to a thread about 'taking back' words like dyke and queer.

it made my morning, and i just HAVE to share it.

thanks BD!!

"We own "gay" and "queer". God gave them to Gertrude Stein and Oscar Wilde, carved into stone tablets by lightening somewhere among the dunes of Provincetown, along with "fabulous", "puhleeze" and "girlfriend"! Who says I'm not religious? Just because I've got my own special interpretation of the term burning bush? Puhleeze!"

Ha! Isn't it fabulous?!


j said...

well along those lines, from the opposition:

I <3 Huckabee. He makes me laugh.

Sarah P-H said...

Ok, I am so planning a dinner party with you and MB as guests. I think that would be a fun time. :)

p.s. the whole link from j's comment should be:

Darlene said...

oh i would LOVE that! yes please!