Tuesday, December 04, 2007


During my snow day on Monday I spent some time perusing the net for fun stories and websites. Of which I found a bazillion (many thanks to Al Gore for inventing the world wide web.) Here are a couple of gems:

Apparently "boutique" hotels across the country have decided to replace the Gideon Bibles in those dresser drawers with such items as "condoms, sexual intimacy kits and sexually oriented games." Sweet. Let me say that again: Sah-WEET. Is the Marriot a boutique hotel? I'm hoping. 'Cause if it is, then my February trip to Detroit for Creating Change just got a whole lot more interesting.

I mean, come on. Let's be honest.

If this is in Drawer A:

And this is in Drawer B:

...it's pretty clear I'm gonna be all over Drawer B.

You can read more about this fabulously naughty dresser-drawer transformation by checking out this article from One News Now, which offers news from a...ahem...christian perspective.

If you're having trouble deciding what to buy for that Someone Special during the holidays, check out stupid.com for some hilarious stuff. My favorite? The Talking Senator Larry Craig Action Figure:

I know what you're thinking. Is this the kind of stuff she buys for Someone Special? What can I say...find me a woman who can appreciate the silliness of the Trash Talkin' Turleen Barbie Doll. Life is far too serious sometimes. A sense of humor can be sexy thing.

And for some colorful entertainment on those snowy days when you've had enough of the Food Network and/or Law and Order reruns, I have discovered a thoroughly amusing site called The Midwest Teen Sex Show. Good gawd it's...funny. Check out this segment on homosexuality:

That's all for now.

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Drawer B.
Drawer B.
Drawer B.