Wednesday, January 09, 2008

new hamp-shah

so clinton wins new hampshire and continues on in spite of polling and punditry all predicting doom and gloom for her in the granite state. i have to say, i was rooting for her. i want these conversations to continue. seems to me that the Democratic candidates are just now finding their voices, are just now trying to articulate and make the case of what truly separates them from each other. i hope future debates are formatted like the one in new hampshire...none of these 2 minutes to respond, 30 seconds to rebut, 12.87343 seconds to rebut the rebuttal. eh. get us beyond canned answers and sound bites. get us to the bone of the matter. let's have a lively, healthy debate about how we can recover from the Bush Regime and 8 years of horrific...ahem..."governing." quite frankly, we are desperate for such a debate. we need to listen. we need to ask questions. we need to educate ourselves about these candidates. most importantly, we need to understand that our very identity as Americans rests on this election. we simply cannot sit this one out, people. it is just too freaking important.

as far as the GOP goes, all i know for certain is that they all scare the living shit out of me and that Mickey (or Minnie) Mouse would get my vote before any of these characters would. McCain wins in New Hampshire. look, i respect the guy and appreciate what he went through in vietnam so let's not even go there. but yikes. if he is not The Establishment in 3 dimension and technicolor, then no one is. and please don't call him The Comeback Kid. eh. he's a tired old man who has actually been quoted saying that if elected, it's possible he wouldn't seek a second term because he would be, like, 97 years old. more of the same, more of the same. if the thought of a McCain/Hucakabee ticket didn't terrify me so much it would be laughable.

i can't even talk about huckabee. he gives me the heebie jeebies and the Gay Shivers and if this man gets anywhere NEAR the White House then my new favorite song will be Oh Canada. Serious.

and romney. oh. my. gawd. this guy is so a Game Show Host. every time he steps up to a microphone I expect him to yell out "JOKER JOKER JOKER!" or "and the survey SAYS...!!!" so plastic. no substance whatsoever. guiliani? pah-leeeeze. he was an inept mayor in NYC and just happened to be roaming the streets on 9-11 and so used that whole tragedy to elevate himself to presidential candidate status. it's just plain shameful. plus he's a yankees fan, which really tells me all i need to know.

so yeah. the train moves out of new hampshire and we get to watch it roll along a bit more. i'm sorta starting to enjoy it a little bit. some serious history in the making here on what i believe will be THE most important presidential election in my lifetime. i've popped some corn, cracked a cold beer, and intend to sit back and pay close attention.

and i'll tell you this much. whoEVER wins the Democratic nomination is gonna have my full support. we gotta roll up our sleeves and git 'er done. ya think it doesn't matter much? then think Supreme Court justices for just a second or two. um. yeah. you really want a republican administration nominating a few more of those?

we just cannot. have. another. republican. for. four. more. years. it's as simple as that.


Crow said...

I just can't quite bring myself to vote for Hillary Clinton, given that she only wants a "partial" repeal of DOMA. And I can't quite say that all Republicans are bad, either - that's way too black and white for me, and, after all, the Democrats by-and-large voted for the Patriot Act, too (even upholding part of it after they had a majority). I wish some viable third-party candidate would present themselves . . . otherwise, it's business as usual.

Anonymous said...

Obama for this Mama