Wednesday, January 23, 2008

president gore endorses marriage equality


so he isn't our president. but he should have been.

i don't know why he came out with this video today...except maybe to give those Dem candidates a swift kick in the buttocks about being so flaky on marriage. I don't know why he did it...but I love him for it.

oh Al...the things we coulda done:


Dawn said...

The video was prepared for release on Monday - to recognize and celebrate the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday, I think.

But you're right. How different the world would be if he had taken the oath of office... I hate to say it, but I am a little bit glad that he is not running this year. I have complete faith that the redneck dim-wits in this nation would defeat a Nobel Laureate and Academy Award winner at the polls. Our shame now is great. Our shame in that instance would be too enormous to bear.

Anonymous said...

As a hetero I support marriage for all... we all should be so happy. *wicked good grin*