Monday, February 25, 2008

i need me some summer

this morning as i was trudging through my place trying to find the energy to SLOG into work, 'slide' by the goo goo dolls came on the radio.

and it just made me crave warmer days. steaks on the grill at reg roc road. coconut oil. baileys island. an ice cold beer and some fried clams. damn.

good freaking gawd i need me some summer.


michael said...

that's a wicked summer tune. when i come to maine this summer, let's drive to popham beach and blast it in the car. and we'll get lobster rolls. and beer.

love you enny~!

MRMacrum said...

Provided you make it through Mud Season, you are sure to see some summer. Here in Acton, I have begun my optimistic approach to thinking it is summer already. If the thermometer out front says it's over 35 in the Sun, I wear shorts and a Tee shirt.

Summer is a state of mind also.