Friday, February 01, 2008


it's been a ridiculously busy week, and i've had not one second to post on The Slant. fortunately, i have friends who don't mind contributing on occasion.

so thanks to Auds for letting me post her truly lovely early morning thoughts...


"the rays of today"

my mornings are quiet and mostly beautiful. then again how could they not be?

I bundle up against the winds and cold, probably looking like I am 4 sizes larger than I am. my dog crisscrosses in my path, the entire 2 blocks to the beach.

today the sky stretched out before me with one strip of cloud hovering above the horizon, equi-distant from the weather bank that sits upon the our portion of the world. the bank is a deep rich vibrant purple, the cloud a brilliant pink that screams of neon but is warmer, if that makes any sense, and the sky is gold. as I walk with the wind in my face and the sea rolling in a conversation of the storm that will soon greet us, I wish, for a moment, for warm weather and to don my flip flops and walk in that surf.

As Burl runs ahead to greet another, his feet loud on the frozen sand, I glance at the horizon. I smile…the sun's entrance is announced by the streak of a red gold beam that is shooting straight up into the sky, slicing in half the cloud and painting the purple bank with pink. I sit and wait for the breaking of "dawn", yet it is light all around me. Burl accepts my position by digging his ball into a hole, which can only be explained by witnessing this event.

I sit, and the beam widens yet loses no intensity. I sit, and it streaks higher, transforming the bank into pink with hints of purple. I sit. I breathe. I wait. I close my eyes and feel the cold, then my eye lids burst into golden light.

the sun has risen. I missed that little sound it makes when it POPS into sight.
or maybe it’s me.

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