Wednesday, March 05, 2008

please refrain from throwing your kiwi fruit at the stage

So my next few days are going to be all about writing the bulk of our program content for EQME's Annual Awards Dinner, which is happening this Saturday, and which you can still get tickets for if you Do. It. Now. This dinner has become one of the premiere progressive events of the year, and I have to find the words to inspire and motivate 500 or so people who are expecting this to of the premiere progressive events of the year. No pressure there. Yeah, right. I've decided to lower the bar a bit, and am hoping just to write something that will neither put 500 people to sleep nor induce them to throw rotten tomatoes and various forms of fruit at the stage. I'll let ya know how successful I was after March 8th. Promise.

In the meantime, I must save all my creative juices (I love that term, for so many reasons) for the task at hand, which means there will be little if any activity on The Slant for the next five days or so. Which sucks, because there is much to say about the fact that Hillary is proving she's the Real Deal (Texas AND Ohio! wow.) and there is much to say about the amazing court hearing in California yesterday about marriage equality, and well, there is just always so much to say if you're me. But alas, these things will have to wait.

In the meantime, for your amusement and mine, today I'm going to steal something from one of my favorite websites, The Huffington Post. I suppose the fact that I am acknowleging this comes from the Huffington Post and not from inside of my sometimes twisted brain removes the theft burden from me and becomes more of a borrowing issue. And I suspect that the good people over at the Huff couldn't give a rat's ass that some no-name blogger from Portland, Maine is posting something of theirs to the...what...eleven people?...who regularly visit the Slant.

So, without further ado, I share with you one of my favorite features from The Huff. It's called HuffPost's Overlooked Quotes of the Day, and I love it. And see? I linked it and everything, which should further absolve me from any snarky accusations of thievery and tomfoolery. (what the hell is tomfoolery, anyway? and is thievery a word?) I'm going to post a few weeks' worth because hey, I am just feeling wicked generous this morning. Some of them are ridiculously funny (can you say George W.), some of them are ridiculously ignorant (there's that George W. again) and some of them are just dead-on accurate.

Read on, and do enjoy:

"I appreciate the fact that you really snatched defeat out of the jaws of those who were trying to defeat us."
-- George Bush, thanks the troops with a Freudian slip
(3/3/2008) ***

"When I lost in 2000, I slept like a baby. I'd sleep two hours, then I'd wake up and cry, then sleep two hours, and wake up and cry, so on."
-- John McCain
(2/29/2008) ***

"That's interesting. I hadn't heard that."
-- President Bush, on the possibility of $4-a-gallon gasoline in the near future
(2/28/2008) ***

"I don't think it's just me. I think it is still the burden that women in public life have to bear."
-- Hillary Clinton
(2/26/2008) ***

"I can't wait until it's Obama vs. McCain. It's gonna be Youtube vs. Feeding Tube!"
-- Bill Maher
(2/23/2008) ***

"A clear lesson I learned in the museum was that outside forces that tend to divide people up inside their country are unbelievably counterproductive."
-- President Bush, after touring a genocide memorial, Kigali, Rwanda.
(2/19/2008) ***

"I may be killing my political career."
-- Mike Huckabee, on his continuing campaign.
(2/19/2008) ***

"Polls are nothing more than just like a poof of air. What matters is results."
-- President Bush


Jenna said...

If tomatoes aren't allowed, can I just bring a super soaker?

toklas23 said...

aw jenna, you know we don't discriminate. super soakers of all orientations, gender identities, and so on are certainly welcomed. just make sure your aim is good, babe. don't want to accidentally soak our distinguished guests.

or do we?


Jenna said...

I don't know, it was fun, but a wet T-shirt contest may have worked for me (as a spectator of course) was so hot at the "after party" I almost felt like I was hit by a super soaker.

Nice job on the dinner, the "line-up", and you inspirations...Bravo!

P.s I may have considered heckling a little more if I wasn't sitting right behind your parents!

toklas23 said...

Ha. Don't you know, I seated you behind my parents on purpose...just to keep you on your toes.

Thanks for coming last was fabulous seeing you!