Monday, March 10, 2008

random thoughts from a sleepy lesbian

So all and all, the big dinn-ah was actually pretty gayfabulous I think. I'll leave it to others to critique the program (feel free to post your thoughts if you attended), except to say that the award recipients' speeches were fantastic: engaging, emotional, moving. I am certain some felt the program was long (2 hours, almost exactly), but you know, we had a lot to say and I hope people walked away with a clearer idea of what's been happening at EQME and in the community. We tried our damnedest, and I hope we were at least moderately successful. We are planning on posting the program remarks, as well as a slide show of our photographs, on the EqualityMaine website, so keep checking back.

A few random thoughts I woke up with on Sunday morning:

1. I'm so proud of my mom and one point in the program, we asked all our straight allies to stand and be recognized, and my friends tell me my parents leapt out of their chairs and were among the first to stand.

2. I loved loved loved seeing the PRYSM table. And am so grateful for the amazing work that people like Joanna Testa, Jen Hodsdon & Sarah Parker Holmes do to support LGBT youth. They are making such incredible contributions and I am proud to call them my friends.

3. Ray and Connie Winship now have 525 new friends...many of whom would like to be adopted by them. I them, so much.

4. Genia Graham might be the sweetest woman alive. She spoke so beautifully about why she works so hard on HIV/AIDS prevention and education.

5. I heart Jill Barkley. She's the Real Deal. Her speech was funny, passionate, inspiring. We must find a way to stop these insane funding cuts in Augusta so that people like Jill can continue doing the incredible work they do in supporting victims of domestic violence.

6. Rev. Mark Doty restores my faith He is an absolute treasure with a heart of gold and a truly beautiful soul.

7. With partners like the Maine Civil Liberties Union, we are destined for amazing things.

7. I hate it when Kevin is sick. :(

8. The Posse Rocks. And Corey was a gorgeous date.

9. Matt can make flip flops look fashionable, even when wearing a tie in March.

10. Brian is a mean pole dancer.

11. I am so proud and happy to work with the amazing EQME staff, with Betsy Smith at the helm.

12. Queers are So. Good. Lookin'.

Perhaps more thoughts will follow later on down the line.

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