Wednesday, April 02, 2008


From my good friend Virginia:

Lesbian Radio will be part of the WMPG Spring Begathon this Thursday afternoon from 1:30 until 3. It is the pledge drive that happens twice a year to keep community radio diverse and commercial free. I know many of you support a good number of issues and causes, it is one of the things I love best about my community, our involvement.

I ask that you consider a pledge to WMPG with recognition of lesbian radio. Few cities in this country have a lesbian radio, few would receive the encouragement we have from the management of WMPG. They have been absolutely unconditional in their support of lesbian radio.

Our efforts are completely volunteer along with almost 150 other volunteers who make community radio happen ... we are a community too, from around the globe with a variety of perspectives and musical interests, working really hard to keep the airwaves accessible and meaningful for our diverse Portland Town.

Lesbian Radio is close to beginning our third year. Creating segments that are fun and informational with members of your/our community. Please consider a pledge this Thursday while we are on the air (874-3000) in support of "the homosexual agenda"... Hell yes! And your pledge can be ten dollars, the amount is not what we are seeking, it is your investment in community radio that becomes visible with a contribution of any amount.

You can pledge online ( or you can call anytime this week. I am asking that when you donate you mention lesbian radio. I am hoping for 20 calls during the show tomorrow .... it only takes a few minutes and we can send you an envelope for mailing in your pledge or you can put it on a credit or debit card.

And finally, thanks for listening, for participating, for being community.


call to pledge: 874-3000


Jenna said...

Nice job this afternoon. And oh yeah, my partner's name is Darlene, but a lot of people call her "Dee".

Now where is my chocolate?

va said...

Thanks for you contribution.
Darlene and Jenna.
Your chocolate is getting ready for you!
Big fun.
Totally radio-active. And high.
And Darlene is an amazonian name.