Tuesday, April 08, 2008

the blue screen from hell

so about 10 days ago, my cell phone was run over by a cab. that's right people. run. over. it was a sad, sad day. miraculously, the damn thing is still working. i can make calls and receive calls, but there's a catch: whatever thing-a-ma-jiggy makes my phone screen work must have been squashed unabashedly by Mr. Cab Driver. So now all i have is a blue screen, meaning there is no way of looking up phone numbers, no way of playing tetris, and, most annoyingly, no way of reading text messages. which drives. me. batshit. crazy. 'cause i get a lot of them. and i'm curious. and i want. to. read. them.

i'll be purchasing a new phone this weekend, but still...every time my message alert goes off, i scream out in frustration. last saturday i tried to figure out a way to transfer my text messages to my yahoo pager and it almost worked. i spent 5 or 6 minutes punching this number and that number onto my pager option screens, feeling all tech-savvy and brilliant. got to the final stage, pressed okay and saw that awesome message: "completed!!"

then another little window popped up with a box to input a confirmation number. and a little instructive sentence that said "we will send this confirmation number to your cell phone".

two seconds later, the damn message alert goes off. on my f'ing cell phone. that i can't read.

um yeah. it was infuriating.

realizing full well that i need. to. get. a. life. (and a new phone), i'm sending this urgent message to all my friends: please don't text me for the next 7 days.

cause i am losing my mind people.


Jenna said...

What service provider? I might have a phone hanging around. E-mail me.

Dawn said...

gawd that sucks. Hang in there.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I'll play straight man here ...How did your cell phone get run over by a cab, Gracie?