Thursday, April 10, 2008

hot mess

my self-prescribed year of cable tv abstinence is over in less than a month. and while i am excited to watch my red sox, and cnn, and sportscenter, i have a confession to make:

i'm most excited to start watching project runway again.


true confessions of a butch dyke.

i just. love. project. runway. i've been following it on line (which is hardly the same) and i love love love christian siriano.

and if you haven't caught saturday night live's spoof of christian & project runway, you are missing out. amy poehler, as usual, is just plain brilliant:

oh and here's christian's take on the spoof: "I thought it was SO FUNNY. Amy [Poehler] looked exactly like me which is kinda scary, but fabulous. The fact that they are even talking about me is so fierce, fabulous and flawless and is such an honor. [Poehler] was hilarious and little. It was so crazy that she looked just like me! The hair was absolutely perfect. I don’t think I could have done it better myself. It was fierce!"

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