Monday, April 21, 2008

spoonful of spring, with a big dish of summer to follow

It has been a glorious long weekend, with perfect weather, longer days, an empty agenda save for spending time with friends, puttering around the apartment, and reading, reading, reading. i have finally found the time to dive into Fall On Your Knees and I'm having a hard time doing much else but search for a comfortable spot to sit and read. It is so rare that I find a story that totally engrosses me, pulls me completely away from the reality of now and puts me into some other, magical far away place. It seems that each time I pick the book up, within one sentence I am gone from here and immersed in this haunting and beautiful world. I am eating the words up like chocolate.

Yeah. This long weekend has been medicine for my soul. I am moving out of the winter freeze and falling into a long awaited and much-deserved spring. I am determined to not let work swallow every waking minute, always challenging, more so now than ever, but it cannot be everything, I can't let it be everything. It's time to lift. my. head. up. and enjoy the beauty all around me. I want to stretch my legs and walk in tall grass, I want to spread my arms under a starry night away from the city lights, I want to breathe in ocean air. I want to sit outside with The Posse and watch movies under the moon, I want to fill my backpack, load the tent and sleep a night or two on Hermit Island. I owe a friend from The Big Apple the boat ride of her life to Monhegan Island and this summer, I want to pay up. I want to spend a day hopping rocks and searching for sand dollars with Sam & Brit. I want to sit on the deck in Shapleigh and whip my mom's butt at cribbage and walk through the woods with my dad.

Life is sometimes sweet and lovely and she walks around with surprises in her pockets.

And I am certain she's saving some of those surprises for me.

I need to be awake enough to notice.

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