Tuesday, May 06, 2008

ain't life a brook

it was mentioned this morning on one of the list serves i belong to that ferron will be playing at the college of the atlantic in bar harbor in a few weeks. i heart ferron. and i realize that probably answers any questions about my age...put me in the 40'ish category...though i know her music is kind of timeless and reaches across the age divide (and please matriarch, no comments about my dating habits here.)

annnnyway...i posted on the list-serve that ferron's music was therapy for me, seeing me through two relationships-gone-bad. and the two times i have ever truly, undoubtedly, been deep-down-to-the-bone in love. the first was my first real love. i was 22 and clueless and the cluelessness was a great contributor to that breakup. the second was really a marriage...an 11-year odyssey that was filled with both remarkable beauty and profound sadness.

when those relationships ended, i listened to ferron almost non-stop, and in particular, i must have played 'ain't life a brook' on my headphones 800 times. it's a little cheesy i know...and very melodramatic...but that song got me through some serious heartache. and when i hear it now, it just takes. me. back. it's not so much painful anymore, though it always puts a lump in my throat. it's really kind of lovely and bittersweet. those two women taught me so much, about me, about life, about love...and about letting go. and i loved them with my whole heart.

and yeah, ferron was one helluva a therapist.

i searched on line for the song, and could only find this youtube version. it's a live recording of ferron singing ain't life a brook, with footage of someone bumping around in a kayak. my advice...close your eyes and just listen. the video isn't great, at all.

but the song is just music for your soul.


Anonymous said...

um, are we going to feron? proof that i am truly an old soul, i am also in love with her and her music.


toklas23 said...

lady bug: um, you fly and i'll buy. it's the 16th. available?

Dawn on MDI said...

If you come this far and do not get in touch, I will be highly offended. The couch is available if you need it. Hell, I might even cough up the cash and go to the show.