Sunday, May 04, 2008

the F word

it's clearly my favorite four letter word, and i have used it occasionally on the slant. i love it because it can mean 9 million different things, depending on tone, setting, mood, and who you're keeping company with at the moment it flies out of your mouth. find me another four letter word that has that kinda flexibility. ain't. gonna. happen.

that said, i can comprehend the fact that some in this world do not share my fondness and deep appreciation for the F word. some find it offensive, in whatever context it's used. true enough. different strokes for different folks. ahem and amen.

here's the thing. it's my blog. y'all are visitors, and i'm happy to have you stop by. if you've been here more than once, you know i'm opinionated, passionate about my beliefs, and not afraid to write any of it down and post it. if you read something you don't like, you have a couple of choices. you can tell me about it by posting a comment or sending me an email. i might even agree with your never know...i've been known to look at the other side of the coin and recognize its value. or you can decide that the slant just isn't your cup o' tea and erase the URL from your memory. up to you.

the F word makes guest appearances on the slant. it's likely to fly without warning. so if it makes you uncomfortable, well, thanks for the visit, and hey, don't worry, it won't hurt my feelings if you don't come back.

fuck it, ya know?


MRMacrum said...

You and I have often traded different takes on things. Politely and with civility. We both seem to "look at the other side of the coin" and see value there even if we disagree with it.

I take no offense at the F word. I am a guy who grew up in the company of rough men who knew no other way to express themselves if it was not used.

But I do disagree that there is no other word that has as many connotations as it does. "Dude" comes to mind. I have practiced and I can place inflections just right for that word to mean so many things. And I did it before it was popularized by that commercial.

I would guess that there are many words out there that have this flexibility. I do agree though that the F word is king, if only because it is so very popular as the go to word for emphasis.

toklas23 said...

Mr. Macrum, I have enjoyed our exchanges, and I'm appreciative of the fact that we can disagree at times and still walk away (figuratively speaking) respecting one another. life would be terrifically dull if everyone saw the world exactly the same way.

'Dude' is a fabulous word. I just like the 'kick' that the F word has behind it. Like you said, it's definitely the 'go-to word' for emphasis.

Thanks, as always, for visiting the slant.


Dawn on MDI said...

Fuck is indeed a noble and versatile word. It ought not be euphamised or made delicate. It is what it is. It is not racist, sexist, gender-biased, or discriminatory in any way, like a number of other words that get tossed around often enough. I once presented a paper at a conference entitled (the paper, not the conference) "I fuck, you fuck, we fuck. We just can't say it out loud."

I nearly got thrown out of college, so some of my prof friends tell me, but some brave first-amendment defender made a case on my behalf to administrators (and trustees, I think). I was oblivious to any maelstrom that swirled. I was weeks away from graduation.

Oh, and I got the biggest crowd of any presenter at that conference that year.

As for Dude, i cannot help but think it sounds silly coming out of the mouth of anyone over 30 years of age, and I heartily resent it when a young person uses it when referring to me. It just sounds silly. It does not have the sharp slap that fuck has, nor does it carry with it the anger that fuck can bring.

My two cents.

j said...

It may just be the Jersey in me but "dude" is up there (along with fuck) as one of my favorite words.

toklas23 said...

please tell me you still have that paper. and if so, i would love to read it.

Anonymous said...

A long time ago, like the 70's or thereabouts which Crummy might know more about, the Supreme Court actually set "seven dirty words" into American jurisprudance. *ouch*

Had something to do with George Carlin ....

There is only one word I find offensive, and I used it yesterday to describe a public figure ... as a "See You Next Tuesday" .... I still find the acronym offensive. But she is.

MRMacrum said...

I used to be upset that certain words were not allowed inside our house. My brothers and my father would expletive deleted all day long outside, but once they entered my mom's domain, they used words like "flipin this" or "gosh darnit" that. My mom would not put up with "coarse" language. As a youngster I tested this policy and was rewarded more than once with a stiff back hand to the face. I guess I should have followed my older brothers and father's lead.

Which brings me to my point. I now love the fact that some words are still taboo. That makes using them that much more satisfying. But I have also learned, thanks to my mom, there are times when their use does nothing but aggravate a situation.

MRMacrum said...

Oh, And I forgot the original reason I wanted to comment again.

toklas23 - From agreeable disagreement, concensus is found. Angry disagreement only builds walls.

toklas23 said...

amen to that last comment mr. macrum.

i remember the first time the 'f' word slipped out of my mouth in front of my mom. oh. my. god. i think i was about 14 years old and i won't ever forget it.

my dad is a gentle soul, but he also has a bit of a temper, particularly when he's trying to "fix" something, ie. a broken lawn mower, a car, etc.

his favorite curses (which he no longer uses, at least that i'm aware of):

goddamn pukebucket
jesus h. christ
and then 'christly' as an in, he doesn't have a christly clue.

too funny.

MRMacrum said...

My mom's favorite and most heated expletive was, "Christ on a Crutch!" When she said that, I knew someone was in trouble. I can also remember being puzzled as a little tacker trying to visualize Christ on a crutch and why I never saw any pictures of him using them.