Tuesday, May 06, 2008

me and my guy

i'll be on lesbian radio tomorrow with senator ethan strimling, who, aside from my dad, is my number one guy, and who is also running for congress in the first district. i wrote about ethan, and why i'm supporting him, back in january (see: strimling for congress)

i love that ethan is taking time out of his crazy schedule to spend a half hour on a show called lesbian radio. it's gonna be great fun.

tune in to listen ethan. he's the real deal, people.

1:00 tomorrow. be there.

you can find WMPG on the dial at 90.9 and 104.1 FM, or stream it live online at wmpg.org. and you can give us a shout live by calling in at 780-4909.

1 comment:

PresterJohn said...

Love wmpg .... just got my Spring begathon t-shirt in the mail.

Will give Strimlin a listen ... think I heard him couple weeks ago on mpg ... a rather grassroots progressive Democrat if I got the right guy.