Sunday, May 04, 2008

rainy day music

Up early this morning...and loved waking up to the sound of the rain. I meditated for about an hour, and did a special safe journey blessing for Lady Bug's dad, who is now in Afghanistan, and then to Iraq, trying to make the world a better place for the people who live there. May he come home safely, and soon. I have already built a lovely fire (in the fireplace, not in the kitchen or backyard), and I've got the New York Times (and Oscar and Willie) spread out on the bed. I'm looking forward to another few chapters of Barbara Kingsolver's Animal Dreams, a book I read 15 years ago and decided to revisit this weekend. Maybe I'll even squeeze in an episode of The Wire. And then later this afternoon I will throw together a big pot of my mom's famous chop suey for Corey, The Matriarch & McHottie. I heart rainy days.

My musical preference on these sorts of mornings:

tori amos, to venus and back
george winston, autumn
aimee mann, lost in space
joan armatrading, the shouting stage
the sundays, blind
mazzy star, so tonight that i might see.

here's my favorite tori song from the above mentioned CD. 1000 oceans.


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toklas23 said...

point taken anonymous, though you could have been much kinder about it.

re-read the post. you'll notice i'm not such a bad girl...