Saturday, June 21, 2008


i took a break from all-things medical last night and did the dyke march thang in portland. in spite of some seriously threatening rain clouds i was amazed to see so. many. people hanging at congress square for the pre-march rally. and loved that we stretched halfway down congress street for the march to monument square.

after last year's rally, dyke march committee members and others (including me) received a series of borderline-threatening emails from CCL members that this march "would not be tolerated." lady bug's as-usual brilliant response: the CCL was absolutely right. it is not "tolerated" in Portland. At all.

yeah. you tolerate a cold, or the flu, or bad weather, or a snarky cousin.

the city of portland embraces, accepts, and celebrates with us, and last night they did it in spades. as hundreds of dykes marched down congress street, crowds gathering on the sidewalks cheered and yelled out support. restaurants emptied and customers waved and clapped. passing cars, once they figured out what all the ruckus was about, beeped and honked in celebration.

it's pride weekend baby and i'm gonna wear out a path between deering oaks and maine medical. (i even told my mom i may organize a mini-pride parade down the halls of the sixth floor, which elicited a rare but beautiful smile from her.) we have so much to celebrate and it goes far, far beyond our relief that the latest attempt to push us back into the closet has failed in such a poetically collosal way. we would have had a fabulous time either way, guaranteed.

that said, lezbe honest. it's sure gonna make this weekend taste even sweeter for us.

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Dawn on MDI said...

Have a great day at Pride. Take good care of your mom. We're thinking of you up here.