Thursday, July 24, 2008

12 days

in a little less than nine hours, i will officially Be On Vacation. twelve days. good freaking gawd. i've not had this kind of time off since, hmmmm...well, since my restaurant days before i became a Professional Queer. for twelve days in a row, my Google Calendar will send me a message that says: you have no events today. i am ridiculously excited. and thinking i need a list of Things I Want To Do.

this is *not* a run-schedule, Monique-ee.

but still. a random list is better than nothing, right? in a perfect world, and in no particular order, i would love to....

  • read The Kite Runner and The Lovely Bones

  • organize the 500 pages of Slant Posts i printed off because it will make me feel as though i've actually written a book. i understand this likely makes me sound sorta....well....geeky. but still. i've never written 500 pages of anything before. and maybe there are the beginnings of a novel in there somewhere. you just. never. know.

  • see the ocean at least five times

  • Sleep. In.

  • remove "professional" from my Queer Status for the entire vacation.
  • hang in shapleigh for two days

  • spend time with the posse. i am so Posse Deprived.

  • tool around in lady bug's car just to get reactions from people
  • go to cele and ann's annual birthday party. and drink frozen margaritas.

  • write. write. write. write.
  • go camping for three days (and not in central park. ahem.) hermit island. yeah baby.

  • meditate twice a day, every day

  • visit friends

  • catch J up on a few episodes of The Wire, Season 4. it's sooooo good.

  • give willie a haircut (don't ask. it's complicated. and admittedly, a little bit like work. but still. he's got...some issues.)

  • domestic goddessificate my apartment

  • overdose on nag champa

  • go on a hike with corey
  • send a musical care package to the Big Apple.

  • listen to some live music, preferrably outdoors

  • rent The Other Boleyn Girl because I. Heart. Natalie. Portman. OH and double-feature it with Notting Hill because sometimes i'm a total sap and that is one of the sweetest. movies. ever.

  • go to boston with my baby sister and see a play. nice.

  • hope for at least one rainy day so that i can just. be. lazy. and spend that entire day in my pj's. the ones with the mice on them.

  • watch a sunrise.

  • watch a sunset.

  • see the ABBA movie and fall in love with meryl streep all over again

  • cook something. that's not in a box. or frozen. expand those culinary horizons.

i will not paint. my. bathroom. too much like work.

i will not obsessively check my eqme email. exactly like work.

8 1/2 hours and counting....


Dawn on MDI said...

You are hereby required - not requested - to come to MDI for a couple of days of R&R. Come alone and sleep on the couch. Come with a friend and sleep on the couch (if it's that kind of friend) or in a tent (or two) in the yard. But come. I will show you places to ease your soul. And you cell phone won't work here. You need that. The sunrise on Cadillac is inspiring. The sunset over the Blue Hill Peninsula is spectacular. And there is ocean all around. The shakras here will astound you.

Jenna said...

Great books! The Kite Runner and The Lovely Bones!

Come for dinner? Nice, relaxed, dinner.

Laura D. on MDI said...

To follow up on what Dawn said, but in the words of the cute little Parasaurolophus (also know as big mouth or swimmer); "Yup, yup, yup."

I own Lovely Bones if you don't and you are more than welcome to borrow it indefinitely. There are a TON of books lying around this house (I am a former bookstore employee after all) and all kinds of hot fudge sauce:)