Sunday, July 06, 2008

celie's liberation

forecast today: partly sunny, more humid, highs 80-82.

there is something about the sunday side of a long weekend that makes me want to curl up on my couch and just do...nothing all day. with this kind of weather forecast, i'm fully aware that for at least part of the day i need to get outside and soak in some sun. i've got the smith-hoopes outback until later this afternoon, and i'm thinking about driving over to two-lights for a bit, book in hand, and have myself a little solo picnic. or maybe take a longer drive, to popham beach or something, though it is now officially july and there are likely to be tourists anywhere i decide to venture out to. (that, and the price of a precious gallon of gas combined with the overall lightness of my very butch brown leather wallet.) eh. there are so few spaces left on our lovely coast where you can really, truly be alone and most of them are too far away for me to reach today. but i should attempt to do something outdoorsy, as the next two weeks are going to be work, work, work and more work. this could be my last hurrah until the end of the month, and that is a sad but true story.

(sidenote: the aforementioned reference to my brown leather wallet was my perhaps futile attempt to regain some of the butch status i have wrecklessly lost during the whole Mr. Mouse Affair. i understand it is but a small drop of butchness to compensate for the ocean-sized bucket which appears to have sprung a serious leak. what can i say...desperate situations call for desperate measures.)

tonight i think i'm gonna give in to whole the curl-up-on-the-couch urge, and maybe watch 'the color purple'. (yep. me, willie, and oscar on the couch. and maybe fritz.) i heart this movie. and yes, like all dykes i wish that the relationship between miss celie and shug was as intimate and lesbian-oriented as it was in the book. but still, it's just a visually beautiful, brilliantly acted (go oprah!) film, and i never tire of watching it.

there are so many scenes to love, but celie's liberation has got to be my favorite. every time i watch it, i cheer out loud.

happy sunday y'all.

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