Tuesday, July 01, 2008

i heart ABBA

early morning confession: i. heart. ABBA.

that's right people. dancing queen and take a chance on me and waterloo and all of it. now many people would be hesitant to share this kind of information to the world for fear of losing any 'cool' status they may have accumulated through the years. not me. i've got very little, if any, cool status to start with. those who know me well will tell you i'm a Big Geek, and i'm just hoping it's in a cute and charming kinda way. i mean, lezbe honest. i'm never gonna be cool. as Monique would say, "you need to set reasonable and achievable goals." The Adorable Geek. this is what i'm striving for.

so, back to ABBA. love them. had all their albums when i was a kid. super trouper was played consistently in my dorm room. i am not ashamed of this. they were fabulous fun. i've seen Muriel's Wedding about ten times...it's a brilliant movie and the soundtrack is all ABBA, baby. (HMMM...i think this is an obvious choice for one of The Posse's outdoor movie nights, yes?) And hey, it was my first introduction to Rachel Griffiths, who I will forever have a gargantuan crush on:

so now, for the best movie news ever, mamma mia, a fabulous broadway musical that features, that's right, every ABBA hit you ever heard on the radio (and, depending on your taste, you either cranked it up or threw a shoe at it) has been adapted to film starring the in-fucking-credible meryl streep, and is coming soon to a theater near me. and the hysterical christine baranski is playing one of meryl's best chick friends. how much fun is THAT?

good gawd. meryl singing ABBA!

i'm so excited, i can barely stand it.

and i know, i know. don't say it out loud. but damn, we can't ALL be cool.

now i just have to find someone to watch it with me who isn't ashamed of their Inner Geek.


michael said...


you're the coolest geek i know. and i remember those ABBA albums. loved them all, too. which means i am very, very comfortable with my Inner Geek. so it's a date...as long as you don't mind coming to san francisco to watch it with me.

how's that for a subtle hint?


Dawn on MDI said...

Sort of like a train wreck. Horrifying, but impossible to look away. Abba is a guilty pleasure for which I must be in the right mood. A movie? With Meryl Streep? It tests the bounds of my understanding of reality. Wow.

toklas23 said...

i know.

it's just ridiculously weird.

but i swear, i cannot wait for it. please don't hold that against me.

everyone needs a good Geek in their life, ya know?

allison said...

Honey, as far as geeks go, there ain't a single one more adorable than you.

Reasonable goal achieved and mission accomplished.


j said...

Um...like yeah. See I have this thing for Abba that I don't like to talk about much.....we're so seeing this movie.

Anonymous said...

... and when it comes out on dvd The Posse will be savoring every song a 24' tall Meryl belts out!

Laura said...

I am SOOO jealous that I live so far away. I would love to see it with you and J. I have no qualms about admitting my love for them.

Dawn on MDI said...

I don't know that person. Nope nope. Never met her.

toklas23 said...


admit it Dawn.

you want to see the movie. you know you do. and now laura's in my corner.

love. it.

make a road trip women. i swear to gawd i'll buy the damn tickets just to see dawn groovin' to dancing queen.