Wednesday, July 02, 2008

oh this is rich

In what Citizen Link (Focus on the Family's little 'take action' web report) is calling 'good news', the Federal Marriage Act has been re-introduced in Congress. It ain't no big surprise, and they don't have a snowball's chance in hell of passing it...the House probably won't even let the damn thing out of committee. Still, I am amazed at the way right-wingers use and abuse our precious (ahem) constitution. These little buggers just never give up, do they. They must be really. freaking. out. about Obama, and polling, and the fact that fundraising for the GOP is currently hitting the skids. Maybe they figure this ridiculously futile attempt will put the conservative movement into a frenzy and invigorate the bejeezus out of them, one and all. I dunno.

It becomes fascinating when you dig a little deeper into this amendment and look at some of the legislators who are so determined to protect of marriage...can i get an amen brothahs and sistahs...that they are putting themselves up front as primary sponsors. It wouldn't be a stretch (would it?) to assume that these esteemed Ambassadors of Family Values must each hold marriage in awe and reverence. They must really look at marriage as a bold statement of commitment, and monogamy, and respect. 'Cause they are going to great freaking lengths it from the utter doom that we homo's would surely instill upon it. You know, dangerous lesbians like Phyllis Lyon and Del Martin who, on their 55-year odyssey together, clearly have no clue what long-term commitment means.


There are ten original sponsors, and some of them are the Usual our buddy Senator Sammy Brownback from we-are-so-not-in-Kansas anymore. (check out this Anti-Sam Brownback blog to get a taste for his politics.) This is right up Sammy Boy's alley, no question. And then there's Senator James Inhofe, the Pride and Joy of Oklahoma whom Bruce Jackson of Counterpunch has dubbed "maybe the dumbest US Senator of all." Yeah. It isn't any shocker that these two Good Ole Boys are on the list.

But guess who else has anointed themselves as Members of The Matrimonial Mob Squad?

Toe-tappin' Larry Craig.

and Let-Me-Leave-That-Hundred-Dollar-Bill-On-The-Nightstand-For-Ya-Baby-Right-Next-To-The-Huggies David Vitter.

Oh this is just. so. rich.

Honest to gawd, I am speechless. Except to say this is just another DC Orgy of Utter Hypocrisy. We gotta send these GOP Right Wing Freak Shows back underneath the rocks from which they crawled out. For real.

Vote dammit. Vote. Vote. Vote. Vote.

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