Saturday, July 12, 2008

simple minds

as you may have noticed from my sidebar gay agenda update, i've devoted a significant part of my morning and early afternoon to domestic goddessificating. i really like this new word i've invented, and i'm going to try and use some derivation of it three times in today's post, much like i did as a very nerdy bookworm kid who used to dictionary...daily...and pick out a new "word of the day" to try and use in conversations, which, incidentally, drove my parents batshit crazy. don't make fun. reading is the gift that keeps on giving and learning is the treasure that will follow its owner everywhere. or something like that. anyway, #1 word usage has been taken care of, poof, just. like. that. (see first sentence.)

i've dusted and scrubbed and swept and mopped and hung out a fresh load of laundry on the line outside and now i'm nearing the end of my domestic goddessification (there's #2.) this means lighting nag champa in every room and generally walking around and admiring my work. i love it when the place is domestically goddessified (nice, #3). oh i do, i do, i do. it just makes me feel very grown-up and less like the slightly chaotic livin'-like-a-bachelor-type dyke that i sometimes am. there is a most delightful breeze circulating through the apartment, everything smells dee-lishhh-ous, and i still have most of the day in front of me. good times people. good times.

i was just about to turn off the radio and head out for an afternoon walk when lo and behold, one of my favorite 80's songs from one of my favorite 80's band came on. alive and kicking. simple minds. yes indeedy. this is a summer of 1984 tune. i know this because i went to a simple minds concert with my very first girlfriend on our very first date at the cumberland county civic cen-tah when they opened for the pretenders. august 1984. it was a fantastic concert and i remember thinking that my new little girlfriend must have found me completely irresistable because i was just oh so radically cool and sporting my seriously fresh 80's haircut (kinda like this)...

...and my oversized-shoulder-padded-david-byrne-from-the-talking-heads-style blazer...

good. gawd. i was a bitchin'. hot. mess.

so, back to the here-and-now.

let's just say the afternoon walk was postponed, and darlene tore it up with a five-minute-wickedly-wicked-bustin'-my-best-80's-dance-moves-while-air-drumming-and-lip-syncing-psyche-out-a-thon in the dining room. really, it was as if the band was right. there. in. my. very. apartment. there are no witnesses, thank god, but it would not be an exaggeration to say i had very. happy. feet. and THAT, my friends, is a true story.

y'all enjoy your saturday, ya hear?


kristin said...

you are adorable.

and i'd have paid good money to watch that five minute performance.


michael said...

i gotta know...

were you wearing the lacey-bottomed mouse pants when you were dancing?


Laura said...

Jeezus girl! I must admit I am just a little scared of you at this point having read this and seen that sample of 80's hair. I like the buzzed looked much better:)