Thursday, July 17, 2008

skimping on the posts

my professional life is about to sweep me away from cyberspace, potentially for six days (and on the seventh, Darlene Will Rest.) Rest...hmmm...that's one of those words that if you stare at it long enough it stops looking like a word. yeah. whatever.

getting to the point: posts on the slant may be infrequent until next wednesday. i know this is devastating news for y'all, and i may surprise you with a late-night and/or early-morning ramble or two. you just. never. know.

in the meantime, what the hell are you doing inside, anyway? it's july. summer time, baby. Most of You Live In Vacationland. get off that swivel chair and catch yourself some rays.

note: this post has been edited, thanks to the keen eyes of Dawn from MDI. Maine is *not* Vactionland. I have no flipping idea what a *vaction* actually is, but honestly, it does not sound pleasure-inducing. at all.

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Jenna said...

You have to live from away, where you can actually make enough money to afford a vacation. Then you can come to vacationland and have a vacation. Living here precludes the ability to earn enough disposable income to vacation. That money is spent on heating oil and gasoline.