Tuesday, July 29, 2008

this feels a little like work to me

i am on a self-imposed break from all things work-like, and for me, that includes making any sweeping commentary (aka rants) about anything other than Lindsay Lohan's ditching of her Lesbian Luh-vah Samantha or Brangelina's twins (was it in vitro, or wasn't it?). you'll notice that the scant slant posts of late have been decidedly non-political and/or not of rabble-rousing nature. this is by design, people. this dyke also known as The Homosexual Rights Movement (a title bestowed upon me by One of the Michaels) needs a break. badly.

because of this, i have resisted posting anything about the shooting in Knoxville, Tennessee. i know that if i start, i won't be able to stop, and then my head will start aching and i'll feel that tension in my muscles and the rising of blood pressure and then i might as well just drive the femmemobile to the office and put in a hard day's work.

instead, i'm going to pack a lunch, the lovely bones (which i've nearly finished, and which is...well... astounding), and some sunscreen (i seem to be molting uncontrollably and have shed 5 layers of skin from a sunburned nose...bleh) and head to the beach. i am not going to think about knoxville, or the fact that the New York Times confirmed today what most people have already suspected was the motive for this whack job (read below). i am going to resist the temptation to write about how the hateful rhetoric of some will inevitably incite acts of violence in others because i've done that already (read: words, February 13, 2008).

i'm. not. going. to. do. it.

i'll just post the NYT story, and be done with it. and you can talk amongst yourselves.

New York Times
July 29, 2008

Hate for Liberals and Gay People Drove Gunman, Police Say


A man who the police say entered a Unitarian Universalist church in Knoxville, Tenn., on Sunday and shot eight people, killing two, was motivated by a hatred for liberals and gay people, Chief Sterling P. Owen IV of the Knoxville Police Department said Monday.

“It appears that what brought him to this horrible event was his lack of being able to obtain a job, his frustration over that, and his stated hatred for the liberal movement,” Chief Owen said of the suspect, Jim D. Adkisson, 58. “We have recovered a four-page letter in which he describes his feelings and the reason that he claims he committed these offenses.”

According to a search warrant for Mr. Adkisson’s house filed by the police, during interrogation Mr. Adkisson admitted to the shooting and said “he had targeted the church because of its liberal leanings and his belief that all liberals should be killed because they were ruining the country.”

rest of the story HERE.

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Dawn on MDI said...

To paraphrase Queen Latifah from many years ago, perhaps we should stop fighting amongst ourselves and start fighting them and then maybe we'd get some real shit done. Why is it we (glbt people, progressives in general) always seem to be at the wrong end of violence? Peace is fine, but I'm in favor of shooting back when shot at. Good grief.

I am sure some televangelist with a flamable suit and helmet hair will say that this tragedy was the wrath of his god come down to smote us. If his church had been violated and attacked in such a way, a way would be found to turn the event into an opportunity to raise funds for the oppressed righteous.

You're right. A day at the beach sounds like a very good idea.