Thursday, July 10, 2008

we had a gay old time

last night, Young Matthew and i took a road trip to eddington to attend a volunteer appreciation dinner hosted by the fabulous owners of Clewley Farm. random thoughts from the gay old time we had:


in what is becoming a scary bad habit and/or a recurring nightmare, we had transportation complications. let's just say matt & i are more than a little cursed. we are like the Queer Version of planes, trains, and automobiles. last night's road trip was no exception and we had to make an emergency stop at the Waterville Enterprise to trade in the little Kia (bleh) we rented in portland. ironically, a mega-church, one of the heebie-jeebie inducing kinds if you're a queer or someone who loves one, glared at us from across the parking lot of this particular Enterprise. matt kept repeating, as if traumatized, wow that's a big church. that's just a really. big. church. it gave us both the gay shivers and we could not get out of there fast enough.


on our way to eddington, we picked up My Bangor Gay Boyfriend For Life, Kevin. i heart him so much. he is, simply, the Funniest Human Being Alive and every time i see him i laugh so hard i'm pretty i am moments away from a brain aneurysm. i so love you baby. you are the sunshine of my life.


there was a wonderful turnout at Clewley Farm. EqualityMaine Primary Day volunteers from Hancock and Penobscot county were treated to a yummy buffet, courtesy of the appreciative owners. it was a celebration of their truly amazing-kick-ass effort on june 10th and the staff was incredibly accomodating and so very kind to do it. i was able to visit with some of my favorite people from that neck of the woods. and had the honor of meeting many more who gave their time and effort to The Cause. Volunteers Rock My World. and a special shout out must go to Suz and Captain Kay, who organized those two regions like nobody's business.


Dawn from MDI presented me with my girly-girl mouse garment, which turned out to be pants instead of the skirt she was threatening me with. much to my relief. they are actually kind of adorable. there is considerable wiggle room, which i and my Muffin Top Belly truly appreciate. and she has given me permission to remove the lace hem, knowing i might even wear them if i do. she advises me to use a stitch remover, something i wouldn't know how to identify much less own, so i am now putting out an all-points-bulletin to anyone who might be willing to lend me one. either that or i will just very, very carefully remove said stitches and lacey hem. being the good sport that i hope i am, i gave in to dawn's, um, gentle persuasion techniques (right) and pulled them on over my shorts to model them for the crowd. much laughter, at my expense i think, ensued. and damn, that butch can sew.

to give evidence of my good-sportiness, here's a photo dawn just sent me of the much-talked-about Mouse Garment:


while there were many highlights to the evening, my absolute favorite moment came at the end, as we were about to leave. bob, one of the owners, one helluva hugger, and just an amazingly kind and sweet human being, walked over to me and without fanfare handed me a sizeable wad of one-dollar bills and some loose change. this is from our waitresses, their tips for the night. they want to donate it to equalitymaine because they really appreciate the work you do. it was the sweetest. thing. ever. as someone who spent almost twenty years waiting tables and tending bars, i know how freaking hard you work for a dollar bill. the gesture was overwhelming. and that is just one example of what i love about Small Towns. there ain't no better people in the world. true story.


one final note: The Slant is sending some serious healing thoughts to Bill in Bangor. Get well soon my friend.


Sarah P-H said...

I have a stitch-remover if you need it. :)

Dawn on MDI said...

She's medicated! Delerious! Delusional! Knows not what she's saying! Pay no attention!

allison said...


i can hear you laughing in that photo. i miss that laugh. i miss that smile.

and love the pants. there's definitely room enough for two in there.

"just sayin'"

Auds said...

I have a stitch remover. go figure.

michael said...

interesting how you have women offering you their stitch removers. you do know how to work it huntress, don't you. i personally think you should leave the lace on, just to mess with everyone's minds a little bit and bust a stereotype or two.

fact is, i may be one of the few people who read this blog that's seen you in...wait for it...a dress. of course that was some twenty years ago, but it has been documented somewhere, i just know it.

as i recall, you looked pretty hot too.