Sunday, August 10, 2008


i heart maine, for many, many reasons. you can stay home if you're on vacation because there are eighty bazillion places to visit and explore. we brew excellent beer. ocean, ocean, ocean. we actually buy local and get quality stuff when we do. edna st. vincent millay, longfellow, harriet beecher stowe, stephen king, andrew wyeth. ocean, ocean, ocean. beer, beer, beer.

*and* we are also home to some incredible musicians. seriously talented. like kate schrock. playing right now at The Slant House. well, she isn't actually *here*. oh how i wish. she's the real deal. um. wow.

found this lovely video of kate. followed by some Slant recommendations for homegrown music. feel free to add yours.

in no particular order:

the coming grass, beauty of a heart

sara cox, arrive

darien brahms, green valentine

vanessa torres and touching ground, witness

kate schrock, invocation

wall of jules, wicked

slaid cleaves, broke down

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