Thursday, August 21, 2008

i heart searsport

it's been so long since i've been on The Slant, i had to wipe away the cobwebs on my profile. for. real.

i almost didn't go to searsport last weekend because i thought hmm, i should stay home, do laundry, get caught up on work stuff. but corey's powers of persuasion are almost impossible to resist, *and* i am learning the value of weekends and of quality time away from my professional life--in my business, you don't get a lot of free empty spaces, and in fact, after Labor Day i will have precious few days without work commitments filling them up. so i said what the hell, packed a bag, and hit the road with Wonder Woman Corey (and Daisy, the sweetest dog ever.) i'm. so. glad. i. did. (more on that in a moment). the result of ignoring the mountain of work is that i've had to pour it on since Sunday night. translation: all work and no play and that has meant no Slant posts. but i'm back...though likely it will be a a brief return. i'm heading to Bangor Saturday morning for a work thang, and then spending that night with my Bangor Boy Kevin. which is at least a healthy mix of work *and* play.

so, Searsport. frigging spectacular. a slice of heaven, or paradise, or nirvana...anything that conjures up thoughts of pleasure and relaxation and wide open space to exhale, that's searsport baby. we had amazing hosts...our very wonderful friends bill & colleen, and colleen's mom & uncle. i don't think there are kinder, sweeter, more generous people in the world. they have smiles that warm your soul and they have an uncanny way of making you feel like Queen for the Day. oh. my. god. i just love 'em, so much.

they have a gorgeous cottage, steps away from the water, with hammocks and a big old porch facing the ocean and the kind of lovely quiet that is so let's just say i didn't feel the need to meditate, at all, for the entire weekend. the weather was almost perfect, and we ate like royalty and sipped cocktails, laughed and talked, played some fierce games of Mexican Train (a very addictive version of dominoes that i am now utterly obsessed with). on saturday night, the full moon made a lovely guest appearance, and we all sat on the back porch and watched the moonlight dance on the water, told stories, and honestly, the crazy world just disappeared. it was magical.

so was an absolutely perfect weekend, and will sit in my heart for a good long time. if i ever win the powerball and can Live the Life of Lesbian Leisure, *that's* exactly how i'm gonna spend the rest of my days.

and now--back to reality, and work, work, work--today, starting right this minute, at 6:30 am. yes indeedy. so it's a brief post, with a promise of more to come soon. stay tuned. in the meantime, here's a shot of The Searsport Women, and the Dazzling Daisy. Happy Thursday y'all.


Dawn on MDI said...

Water is good for the soul, and ocean water is best. Glad to see you had a great weekend, and Daisy looks like a marvelous friend!

Audrey said...

you know Koko...I don't think anyone tells you this enough. you are a beautiful woman.

MRMacrum said...

Odd how a couple of spur of the moment days off can rejuvenate one more than that vacation week planned out 6 months in advance. Many, if not most of my best times were done spur of the moment.