Friday, August 08, 2008

i'm building a queer ark

thanks to dawn from mdi for sending me this, well, kind of depressing radar shot of today's weath-uh.

ah, the rain. i would not be a Proper Maine Blogg-uh if I did not dedicate at least one post to the current Real Weather we are experiencing here. "Real Weath-uh"...a favorite phrase of my dad's, and one that Mr. Macrum reminded me of over there at Lost in the Bozone.

the thing is...i don't really know what to say about it. i don't know if it's coincidental or by design, but since my return to work on Wednesday, my creative juices have gone and dried up again. i was damn near posting two a day for awhile. and now...i got nothin' people.

so, yeah, it looks like it's gonna be a wet weekend. fine with me. jenny jeez has inspired me to re-watch The Sopranos from The Beginning, *and* i've got a hot date with Mary Louise Parker and Season 3 of Weeds. (translation: coinciding with my current creative dry spell is an empty social calendar. um. yeah.) it's all about Couch Potato Land this weekend. Netflix will, indeed, be my saving grace from an otherwise washed-out saturday and sunday.

and maybe the rain will eventually whet (pun absolutely intended here) my creative whistle and i'll post some deep, meaningful, life-affirming thoughts on the slant. more bizarre things have happened. stay tuned.


Audrey said...

good luck with that

Dawn on MDI said...

Awwww, girl. You're missing out! The Olympics start tonight! We plan to watch the swimming (four years ago the official car of the US Women's swim team was the Vibe. No shit. We couldn't make this up. Women's swim team - vibe. Too precious!

Even if you don't spend your fall and winter Sundays watching football, check out the games. They are really as pure as competition gets. Watch on the CBC if you can - their broadcasts are far less jingoistic than our own networks. Besides, the accents are fun.

Think - women's sports at the pinnacle of its form with a global field of competitors. Women only were allowed to compete at all in 1900. Look at us now! Watch the games, listen to the hokey stories, root for the underdogs. The DVDs will be there when the games are over.