Sunday, August 10, 2008


silas: we can't just stand around and do nothing. They'll hit us again.

nancy: let me worry about it.

silas: you weren't the one that got the shit beat out of them.

nancy: you're right. i wasn't. i'm also not going up against an army of drug-dealing bikers with a 17-year-old boy, a flamboyant Hindi queen, and a four-foot-tall Jesus-loving pixie as my posse.


editor's note: the slant acknowledges that it is no coincidence that Sunday's posts were titled "homegrown" and "weeds."

talk amongst yourselves. 'cause i gotta get back to Mary Louise Parker. she's just...smokin' hot.

weeds, season three.


j said...

"smokin'" hot. Hahahahaha.

G-d I love that show but I'm always hungry afterwards.

toklas23 said...

it's the funniest. show. ever.

and most definitely munchie-inducing.