Friday, September 12, 2008

i guess i'm IT

I have been tagged by Dawn at MDI. I am so busy my head is spinning, and I'm so tired my eyelashes ache, but still...posts on the slant have been a rare occurance lately, and Dawn has been very forgiving. I've not received even one slacker email from her.

so with gratitude, i'll play. at the end of this thing I'm supposed to tag five other bloggers. time will not allow that. so if you're reading this and you have a blog, you're IT. if you're reading this and you don't have a blog, well, you are missing out on a whole lotta fun. and i've now provided you a topic for your very first post.

1. Where was I ten years ago?

that's 1998. i had a lovely cottage in scarborough, living out the tail-end of a 12-year relationship. if same-sex couples could legally marry, this surely would have been my one and only marriage. had a fabulous wonderful cat named Idgie. and was running a restaurant in freeport. the only remnants of that life now are books and furniture. and clothing, which i think is still stored away in my closet somewhere in hopes that i'll one day soon be able to button those shorts again.

2. What was on my To Do list today?

i cannot begin to describe how this question utterly freaks me out. let's my professional life, we are in the middle of organizing a potential 600 people for election day. and also organizing indistrict legislative meetings all across the state. *and* preparing to help elect some LGBT friendly state candidates. *and* trying to hire another 6 organizers to help us. *and* working on a rally set for october in response to a recent horrific hate crime in portland. *and* i have close to 20 fundraisers and/or house parties that i need to be at in the next 30 days. *and* i'm trying to prepare for a workshop i'm facilitating this weekend for A Rising Tide, a wonderful organization that Corey heads up.

in my personal life, Bangor Boy is coming down this weekend, which i am completely thrilled about. on the other side of the emotional meter, i am taking a personal day on Monday to visit a friend whose time on this earth is near its end.

3. What would I do if I were a billionaire?

my mom and dad would live out their lives the way they deserve to. and shitload of money would go to EqualityMaine. a shitload of money would go to other organizations who do work on HIV/AIDS, domestic violence, and LGBT equality. My neices would also be set for life.

and then i would travel--india, new zealand, and a re-tour of europe.

i would become the next rachel maddow, hosting my own talk-radio show called, um, the wet spot (thanks jenny jeez) until eventually msnbc realized i'm brilliant and gave me the spot following maddow's new gig.

i'd buy me a modest home on the ocean, and write, write, write, write.

4. Five places I've lived:

i've been a mainer my whole life, as an adult i haven't lived too far from the portland peninsula, ever, and have still managed to be a ridiculous nomad. i figured out once that i've lived in like 25 different places in less than 20 years--crazy. so....scarborough, cape elizabeth, south portland, brunswick, harpswell, north yarmouth, standish, portland, name a few.

5. Bad habits:

cigarettes--number one. procrastination comes in at a close second. after having read my to-do list for today, you can see how procrastination adversely effects my world. i am certain the two bad habits are inter-connected. and i am certain i have a number of other bad habits that friends and acquaintances would share with the world. some of them might even be considered "good" bad habits. and we'll leave it at that. :>


there. i feel as though i've accomplished something great.

happy friday all.

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