Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

So I am sitting at my mom's computer in Shapleigh, listening to her and my dad bustle around. We'll walk across the field to my sister's house in a few hours, spend the day there, watch football, eat like mad, laugh, and above all be thankful that we are all together for one more holiday. When I think about all we've been through, first with my mom's illness, then with Gracie (whose absence is felt by all of us)...well, I am acutely aware of how lucky we are. This Thanksgiving is truly a gift.

Last night we celebrated my dad's 70th birthday and my baby sister's 42nd. As is a ritual with my family, we sat around the kitchen table long after the cake was eaten and the presents opened, and just talked and talked, and laughed and laughed. Sam is home from Farmington, and so we were all there together last night, as we will be today. And again...I am most grateful.

After my sister and her family left, and after my mom and dad retired for the night, I stood outside on my parent's deck and just stared at the big Shapleigh sky, and at the stars I never see in Portland, the same stars I looked at night after night when I was a little kid. It was magical.

It feels so good to be home.

Happy Thanksgiving all.

----------------- should be mentioned that my laptop has, at last, found its way to Cyber Afterlife. So posts will be infrequent until I manage to get a new one. Um, yeah.

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Jenna said...

Happy Thanksgiving. Best to you, and yours.