Monday, November 10, 2008

postcard heaven

It's been a long while since I've posted anything more than a quote, a video, or a picture. Let's just say...I've been busy. The past 8 weeks I've been in a vaccuum of work, and it paid off, big time. As most people know by now, we did something amazing in Maine on Election Day. Our goal of collecting 10,000 pro-marriage equality signatures in a single day was obliterated. We more than tripled it: 33,000 and counting. It was simply extraordinary and the efforts of our organizers and 350 statewide volunteers was just beautiful. This makes the LGBT political community in Maine so much stronger, and the impact that single day is going to have on our ability to move forward on LGBT equality cannot be overstated. It's a very. big. deal.

And of course, there is little time to catch my breath. You gotta take advantage of this kind of momentum, and keep the train moving forward. No time to rest on your laurels. I spent the last day and a half trying to let go of the work and just relax. Kevin came down from Bangor on Saturday and Corey cooked us a fabulous dinner Saturday night. Sunday we met up with K & J for breakfast, and it felt good to have the posse in one room again. It's been a long time coming.

I fell asleep early last night, but dreamed all night of postcards and data entry and volunteers, oh my. I think that's the first "work" dream I've had since my restaurant days, when almost nightly I would toss and turn and tend bar and wait tables in my sleep. I know what this means...gotta take some time for me at some point, and soon. Betsy has essentially told me that she doesn't want to see my face the week of Thanksgiving, and that if I try to come to the office, she's going to take away my keys. Ha. She knows me well!

I know there is much to write about, and I still don't have the time do it. For now, I'll just say thanks, to my organizers, to our volunteers, to the 33,000 Mainers from Kittery to Ellsworth and in 85 polling places in between who signed on to support our cause.

And I'll leave you with this photo from early Wednesday morning (keep in mind, we had many, many more postcards yet to be returned.

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